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Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Professional, caring and gentle are not the first words that spring to mind when you're scared of the dentist. Rest assured you will be treated with the upmost care and patience in our Whittier dental practice!

Top Notch Facility

Each piece of equipment was chosen with the goal to minimize or avoid treatment discomfort.  Example: High-resolution digital imaging, which improves accuracy and minimizes exposure to radiation vs. traditional films.

Pricing Transparency

Let's have an honest talk about dental costs. We're not in the business of up-sells. We will perform the procedures that are necessary to maintain your dental health, and we will be transparent about pricing. For those searching for dentist whittier ca flexible payment options we have financing and cash pay plans.

I needed a dentist near my job. Whittier dentist was the answer. I was able to schedule a consultation during my lunch break. I've been putting this off,  but now I have a solid game plan for how to keep up on my dental care.
Marissa- Happy Customer

Your Journey To Achieving Excellent Oral Care

You know the importance of keeping your gums and teeth clean and healthy. Around the age of 3 is when you find yourself hoisted up on a stepping stool, given a pea size amount of kids toothpaste and you learn the motions of brushing your teeth.

As you inch your way into early childhood, a toothbrush becomes a familiar tool, and you know the routine. As you spring into adolescence, you may have been told the importance of flossing, but it's not as well received or habitual preventative ritual. So, by the time to reach adulthood you may not have flossed in years. Your teeth have become stained, and you can't distinguish between healthy an unhealthy mouth.

Years of consuming acidic and or surgery foods leaves their mark in the form of tartar. That tartar builds up and without proper removal can lead to nasty oral health problems like gingivitis. You may not even notice there is an unpleasant odor coming from your mouth. Then one day you wake up in the middle of the night clinching your jaw in pain, and now you might be looking at a possible cavity or worse, facing a root canal.

Let's be clear, you may not always be able to avoid every dental mishap, but regular dental appointments should be made at least once a year to maintain good dental health and oral hygiene. This gives you the best chance at avoiding mouth pain and infection.

You may be avoiding the dentists for various reasons, but we don't want to allow money or fear to get in the way from seeking help. We are here to work with you to provide you. Please don't ever hesitate to contact us and we will make sure you understand what to expect, and most importantly we get you moving in the direction of a healthy smile.

If you've had a dental mishap in the past and would like to work out your trepidation before any procedure, that's not a problem. Nothing will be performed without your approval, and you will be aware of your care plan. You have every right to share your concerns and or fears.

Rest assured knowing that we are using the latest technologies and procedures. From teeth whitening to crowns, we can help. We have also been known to handle same-day restorations. If you have a vision of your oral health that you would like to achieve, know that it's possible. We will be sure to help you make the best choices based on solid education and a guided blueprint to reach a healthy smile.

If you are concerned about time of need emergency dental care, we can accommodate you. Our commitment is to provide you with an outstanding experience. If you are in the neighborhood, don't hesitate to stop in.

Most Dental Insurance Plans Accepted.

3 of the MANY insurance plans accepted (we also accept cash pay clients)...


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Looking for a dentist in Whittier, CA? We appreciate you considering our dental team. We look forward to making your experience exceptional. A clean bill of oral care health is critical to your overall health! 

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